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Drawing Without Fear: $495

Materials Fee (optional): $25

Boulder Colorado
Location to be Determined
October  23-27 9:30am-5:30pm

Gandolfo Art Studio, Sedona, AZ
October  23-27 9:30am-5:30pm


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    Yes, absolutely! This workshop was created for you and people like you, who always wanted to dive into creativity but don’t know where to start. My longtime friend Kavisho (another meditator / creator) and I created this workshop to open pathways into the cycle of creativity and meditation… This workshop is for people who long to create, to express themselves and who know in their hearts it’s a path inwards, but just need a little bit of a map to get there. (Then once you’ve started you can throw the map out and follow your own heart.) And also for people who are on the path already but want a bit of a refresher to expand their boundaries.

    There are hundreds of thousands of different forms of meditation, all which are essentially about becoming more centered and present. We will be exploring many ones, some active, some guided, all done to music. There is no ‘right’ way to meditate, it is simply about bringing your awareness to this present moment and noticing what is, be it emotions, thoughts, sensations, twitching, sounds… whatever is going on inside and outside of you – just be with what is. There is nothing like being lost in creativity to bring your awareness to the present moment.

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    Yes. We will supply some, but if there are materials you love to work with, or want to start working with bring them and dive on in!

    Yes, absolutely, providing you give us enough advance notice. The food will be simple and healthy, with lots of veggies, grains and assorted proteins, fruits… that sort of thing… the way we both eat.

    If it’s 2D we can teach it. Peggy has a degree from Rhode Island School of Design, paints in watercolor, acrylic, oils and pastels; draws and plays with collage.