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A Color Love Affair


These two workshops cover different aspects of color, and are offered as individual, related workshops. They are limited to a maximum of ten participants, thus assuring an abundance of quality, one on one time for everyone.

Color is a love affair, and effective color is truly magical. Color creates depth, mood, and atmosphere; when it is used well it makes a direct emotional connection with the viewer, literally stopping someone in their tracks.

How does one create luminous color? Understanding how the eye functions and how colors interact is the key. In these two five day workshops we will enter into a color love affair.

In Color I we will explore how to create rich, evocative color by playing complimentary colors off each other; by working with unified, harmonious palettes, and by investigating the sublety and influence of neutrals.

In Color II we will take it deeper. You will learn how to create atmosphere and mood using warm and cool colors, and how to use hue to create depth, creating paintings you can walk into.

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