Wild Horses   Commissioned by Inner Circle Farm, NY • 4’x8′

Light at Palenque   From the Sedona Professional Artists Grant Project • 4’x3.5′

Boynton Canyon   From the Sedona Professional Artists Grant Project • 4’x6.5′

Iris   From the Sedona Professional Artists Grant Project • 4’x7.5′

Lago Di Erico   Commissioned by Jim Laws for his HGTV’s Landscaper’s Challenge Project • 4’x12.8′

Boulder   Commissioned by Elevations Credit Union for their main branch • 6.5’x25.5′

Erie   Commissioned by King Soopers for the opening of the Erie Superstore • 5’x12.75′

Elands and Dancers   Commissioned by the Ringing Rocks Foundation • 7.5’x6′; 7.5’x6′; 2.75’x8.5′
These 3 banners were the publicity for a show of African Bushman art. 

Quail Ceiling   Private Commission • ceiling radius: 16′, ceiling depth: 5′
Katherine wanted clouds painted on her dining room ceiling in a Renaissance style.
I offered to add some birds, as Renaissance churches always had birds winging their way towards heaven… and seeing as we were in Arizona, quail seemed to be the perfect choice.
(Luckily, very few Americans know art history as quails aren’t exactly the sort of bird that should appear on your chapel ceiling).

Katheryn’s Arty Tub   Private Commission • 3’x6′
Katherine wanted her tub faux finished
and decorated in a Renaissance style. (Check out the view from the window and the fireplace – this is not a tub, it is a throne.)

John’s Entranceway   Private Commission •  2’x4′ (minus the curve of the doorframe)
Commissioned by the architect to address the ‘dead space’ to the right of the door 

Swan Mural  Commissioned by Aladdin’s Cave, Sedona • 8’x8′ (total dimension)

Wild Horses Study  • 4’x4′

Wild Horses Study  • 4’x4′