I’m working on a 12′ mural of horses running towards you in three 4’x4′ panels. It’ll be all loose and sloppy yet hold together (I hope). I’ll pour the paint and when it’s dry, erase the bits I don’t want. To do this I need to clearly understand the shapes of horses, how they move; how their muscles interconnect, BEFORE I start to pour or I’ll just wind up with a loose and sloppy mess. To understand them I draw and draw till I get horses in my blood. Some of these were the drawings that went into the Nina Little Book, and here is another one. It’s the middle panel. I’ve graduated from strict realism to a looser style, to see if I can let it flow and allow it to happen through my hands. Because unfortunately, if I think about it, it’ll be stiff and I’ll lose the sense of  movement, power and spontaneity.

And the watercolor study of what I’m after.