A 5 Day Exploration of the Art of Breaking the Rules

This workshop is not for anyone who wants to remain precious around their work. But if you want to ‘loosen up… look no further. We’ll throw the paint around, make a mess, create using whatever we get our hands on, and ‘make it work’. “Understanding composition means you can do whatever you want; as long as you ‘make it work’ compositionally it will stand on it’s own authority.

“These 5 days are about the how’s and why’s of “making something work”, (and of course have a gas at the same time). We will do this by using the darks or lights to lead the eye thru a page; by consciously applying the elements of design to create more interesting compositions, and by going over “the rules” (after all it’s hard to break them if you don’t know what they are).

On Hold for Now • Stay Tuned for Details!