It’s actually much easier to teach drawing to beginners than to teach it to those who think they already know how to draw who then have to unlearn what they know. Drawing is about how you see the world. You have to look in terms of dark and light colored shapes (which is how you saw the world before 10 weeks of age), not objects in 3D space, it’s a hard habit to break. 

The whole point of learning to draw, and why it is considered the basic essential to art, is to open your eyes to the world, to the shapes and colors that are there (which are well beyond what we imagine); not to reproduce something exactly. If an artist does not have ‘eyes’ they only thing they can draw, paint, whatever, is what their brains already know. The brain is pretty limited in this respect. How many doodles have you done in your life? Did you ever notice you do the same few doodle over and over? Thats essentially the extent of the brains’ creativity. So, to vastly expand your creativity, start with whats around you.